O Canada

Hey everyone, sorry for not writing in a while. Summer is in full swing and with it comes summer jobs, that’s what’s kept me away.  I will be writing a little more regularly now that schedules have been worked out.

As we celebrate Canada Day tomorrow, and over this long weekend we are celebrating 150 years of peace, prosperity, and unity. We have so much to celebrate, universal healthcare, innovations and advancements in virtually every category that has made the world a better place, and the people that built our great nation. For instance, did you know a Canadian invented the Telephone, Basketball, the Wonderbra, Artificial Pacemaker, Five-Pin Bowling, and (my favourite treat food) Poutine, among many more.

However you’re celebrating this weekend please stay safe, don’t drink and drive, and have a great time making memories!

Happy Birthday Canada, the True North Strong and Free!


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